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Q. Should OPTI Factor be taken with food?  
A. Any products containing NT Factor® may be taken with or without food. Any products containing NT Factor® also utilize NT Factor® as the tablet base. Since NT Factor® contains a wide range of foods and probiotics all the needed coenzymes and cofactors are either present or created as a metabolite.

Q. What separates OPTI Factor™ for other products that claim to fight fatigue?
A. OPTI Factor containing NT Factor™ is the only product proven in clinical trials to reduce and eliminate fatigue. No other product had been proven to provide the same benefit. Some products create the illusion by discussing aspects of the energy producing process or the oxidation and/or transport of pre-energy compounds like sugar and/or fats. However, NT Factor® is the only substance to actually be evaluated successfully for fatigue. Furthermore, pre-clinical trials demonstrated that NT Factor® would also work in animals.

Q. How can OPTI Factor™ improve my health?
A. OPTI Factor containing NT Factor® improves membrane health and all the functions of a membrane. That includes the cell membrane and all membrane enclosed compartments within the cell such as mitochondria. Since the aging process and the development of chronic disease are both accompanied by deteriorating membranes it is clear that OPTI Factor will slow or change this direction?

Q. What are the anti-aging benefits of OPTI Factor™?
A. OPTI Factor containing NT Factor® is better described as a healthy Aging solution. NT Factor® is proven in clinical trials and per-clinical trials to maximize a person’s energy. It is also proven to improve membrane potential and that is the driving force of metabolism. As a result of consuming OPTI Factor regularly a person will get more out of the food they eat and the nutrients (such as multi-vitamin) they consume.

Q. How can OPTI Factor™ improve my quality of life?
A. By improving nutrition, energy, anti-oxidant protection and all membrane mediated functions (an example would be the anti-oxidants produced by the cell itself or the hormones produced and consumed).

Q. How does OPTI Factor™ counteract cellular damage from free radicals?
A. Free Radicals damage us by damaging the fats (called phospholipids) in the membranes of our cells.OPTI Factor simply replaces damaged phospholipids with healthy ones. That is why it is called ‘Lipid Replacement Therapy’.

Q. How can OPTI Factor™ support my immune function?
A. Yes, because OPTI Factor improves the available energy which your immune system needs to function. The easiest way to realize this is to know that when you are tired it is easier to become sick. It also improves the ability to produce the cells that make up your immune system

Q. How does OPTI Factor™ differ from other nutrients that help cellular function?
A.OPTI Factor provides the ability to restore lost membrane function. Typically, nutrients can help to mitigate future damage but only NT Factor® is proven to be able to restore lost membrane function. An example is that we expect older people to have less energy. In one clinical trial NT Factor® restored the energy producing ability (called mitochondrial function) in elderly people to levels normal for young healthy adults.

Q. To what extent has OPTI Factor™ been clinically proven?
A.. Extensively, with pre-clinical, clinical and review studies. Everything is posted for download at on this website.

Q. How many people have taken OPTI Factor® so far?
A.. NT Factor® has been available in excess of ten tears and over a million doses have been consumed with no adverse reactions. OPTI Factor is a new Formula specifically formulated for maximum performance.

Q. How safe is OPTI Factor™?
A. OPTI Factor containing NT Factor® is completely composed of food and food extracts in moderate doses. It does not contain any stimulants, alkaloids, preservative, hormone (or like-hormone compounds) or non-food material whatsoever. It does not contain any common allergens such as wheat, dairy, soy proteins, animal by-products, artificial flavorings, digestible plastics or sugar.

Q. Can children take OPTI Factor™?
A. Yes, in fact children with mitochondrial cytopathies are encouraged to use OPTI Factor as a daily dietary supplement.

Q. What are the precautions when taking OPTI Factor?
A. There are none.

Q. How doe OPTI Factor improve fatigue caused by exercise?
A. By improving mitochondrial function and reducing the damage done to the membranes from exercise. A person experiencing soreness after exercise is an example of the damage to membrane.

Q. What can I expect when I take OPTI Factor™? How long until the effect take place?
A. OPTI Factor containing NT Factor® works by supplying and saturating mucosal membrane with phospholipid and then the phospholipid diffusing throughout the body. This process begins immediately and generally takes between 2 and 3 weeks before the individual begins to really feel the improvement.

Q. Can I take OPTI Factor™ with medications? What should I avoid when taking OPTI Factor™?
A. Yes, OPTI Factor does not interfere with any community standard of care. Consumers are encouraged to discuss consuming OPTI Factor with their doctor and the doctor may obtain any assistance and research by calling 1-800-950-0387.

Q. It is best to take OPTI Factor™ with or without food? What is recommended?
A.OPTI Factor may be taken with or without food. If a meal is very fatty then OPTI Factor should be taken 20 minutes or more before the meal. The reason is that the fat in the meal can interfere with the phospholipids. Meal replacement products that contain lecithin should also be taken twenty minutes after OPTI Factor.

Q. Why is improvement in mitochondrial so important for optimizing my health?
A. Mitochondria does many things one of which is produce energy and process food. Energy is the currency of life. If you have a lot then you are well off. If you don’t then life is difficult.

Q. Can OPTI Factor™ improve nerve function? How?
A. Yes, nerve cells are composed of phospholipids and proteins. The phospholipids determine how well the proteins work and the integrity of the nerve cell. OPTI Factor simply replaces damaged phospholipid with vital healthy phospholipid.

Q. How does OPTI Factor™ work in combination with other supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods?
A.OPTI Factor will make other nutrients more effective because OPTI Factor containing NT Factor® is proven to improve membrane potential. That refers to the electrical activity of a membrane and that drives metabolism. A quick example is that the interior of a cell is negatively charged. If you improve the potential you increase the intensity of the negative charge. Calcium, for example is positively charged. When calcium passes by the cell the negative charge pulls in the positively charged mineral. An easy analogy is a vacuum. Improved potential is improved ability to attract nutrition to cross over the cell where it is actually used.

Q. Can OPTI Factor™ improve digestive function?
A.OPTI Factor is particularly beneficial because in addition to improving the health of the cell membranes that line the digestive tract it contains the pre- & probiotics needed to establish healthy microflora (friendly bacteria).

Q. What is the importance of probiotics in OPTI Factor™? Explain.
A. Probiotics are nutrients that make up or cause to make the friendly bacteria in our digestive tracts, mostly the large intestine. This bacteria is important because it is the final stage of digestion and the backbone of our immune system.

Q. How can OPTI Factor™ improve the function of organs of my body?
A. All the parts of our body are made up of cells and require energy. OPTI Factor containing NT Factor® is proven to provide these benefits.

Q. Can OPTI Factor® improve brain function? How? Is there any evidence?
A. Yes, by improving cellular function. The clinical evidence supports this directly and indirectly.

Q. Explain why phospholipids in OPTI Factor are so important in repairing and replacing damaged cell membranes.
A.. Cell membrane phospholipids become dehydrated and stiff as they age. OPTI Factor can simply replace these with healthy vital phospholipids.

Q. What is membrane potential and why is it important for overall health?
A. Membrane potential is the electrical activity or intensity of the cell membrane. It drives metabolism by managing the transport processes of nutrients across the cell membrane.

Q. How does OPTI Factor™ affect membrane potential?
A.OPTI Factor increase membrane potential. OPTI Factor improves the ability of the other nutrients to work.

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